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A New Working Paradigm

16 April 2020

We are living in very challenging times.  That’s all relative of course as those on the frontline leading the fight against COVID-19 are really having it rough and in comparison,…

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Coronavirus shock: market impact, outlook and strategy

18 March 2020

Markets In the midst of surging fears of coronavirus, there have been extreme moves in the markets for several weeks: Volume: Trading volumes in all asset classes spiked when the…

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Capital Gains Tax – the advantages of taking the allowance into consideration

24 February 2020

Capital Gains Tax can sometimes feel like a punishment for good performance, but there are definite advantages to taking CGT allowance into consideration.

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Contingent Charging – Would a ban be the thin end of the wedge?

17 February 2020

As the ban on contingent charging for Defined Benefit transfers goes through the motions of consultancy with the FCA, it looks extremely likely that the ban will end up being…

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Monetary policy, election and Brexit

11 December 2019

Who holds the cards to win this important vote? In the last month, with the election and Brexit looming, the news has been flooded with details of manifestos, spending plans…

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Triage: How to navigate the Advice Boundary

10 December 2019

Advice costs money…and so it should. Good quality advice is key to a client’s retirement planning, but will they see it that way when faced with an upfront cost? With…

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Five Reasons why platforms fail

21 October 2019

The recent news that Zurich are about to exit the UK platform market signals the latest big name to throw in the towel. The one thing that all the exits…

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The Adviser’s Zone

21 October 2019

Connect with the new, innovative investment management platform in these uncertain times Novia’s new, Adviser Zone platform has now been released and is on-line and operational. You can gain access to…

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Guest Spot: Demonstrating value to clients

22 August 2019

Major changes to the financial adviser marketplace The financial services industry faces major challenges, and this includes the traditional advisory business model. The emergence of new industry participants offering digital…

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Putting the RDR back on the radar

23 July 2019

Plan now drawn up for the FCA’s evaluation The RDR reforms were a big deal in the retail finance world, and they’ve undoubtedly been very good for both investors and…

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Brexit Roundup – Keeping pace with Brexit

23 April 2019

Keeping pace with Brexit over the last few weeks has been increasingly challenging as the tapestry is forever changing. Nevertheless, this is where we are: The Second vote On 12…

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Brexit: the impact for Advisers, Clients and Fund Managers

10 March 2019

At the time of writing, the proposed withdrawal deal continues to be a cause of disagreement in the House of Commons, with fresh upheaval coming in the form of an…

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Brexit Update – the ongoing debates around Brexit

10 February 2019

On 15 January we witnessed Theresa May suffer the worst parliamentary defeat for a sitting government in history. As the crowds gathered and the public wrung their hands waiting to…

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