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Guest Spot from Wesleyan: Mutuality: putting sustainability at the heart of the matter

13 December 2021

Nick Henshaw from Wesleyan discusses how the mutual model puts environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities centre stage. Financial mutuals are owned by and built around their members. To some,…

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Wesleyan With Profits: A New Fund in Town

5 November 2021

As announced in recent weeks in previous Novia IQ posts, Wesleyan’s With Profits Fund, which recently moved to sustainable principles (as announced here), is now available on the Novia Platform….

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Guest Spot: Encouraging a more principled approach to sustainable investments

15 June 2021

Julie Dreblow, Director of SRI Services on the keynote Good Money Week conference speech ‘Building Trust in Sustainable Investment’ by Richard Monks, FCA Director of Strategy…

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Recent Copia ESG Webinar with Guy Opperman MP, Andrew Walsh of UBS and Knut Bitustøyl of MSCI

5 March 2021

In March 2020 Copia Capital Management launched a range of ESG risk rated portfolios. Markets were in freefall on the back of the outbreak of Covid-19, there was great uncertainty…

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ESG: A closer look at the coming changes for Advisers

26 January 2021

I need to kick off by confirming some of the assumptions that support this article.  When I refer to new rules, these rules do not actually exist yet. Unless the…

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Guest Spot: ESG and Sustainable Finance – Part 2

11 January 2021

The second of a two-part look at the impact of proposed regulatory changes on financial advice by Lee Coates OBE, Ethical Money and ESG Consultant The observant amongst you will…

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Joe Biden on climate change: What does the new President Elect have in store for tackling the world crisis?

8 January 2021

The month of November started with the world on tenterhooks, watching and waiting for the result of the US election. Unlike most recent elections, this time the system had to…

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Guest Spot: Incorporating Client Attitude to ESG

7 December 2020

The first of a two-part look at the impact of proposed regulatory changes on financial advice by Lee Coates OBE, Ethical Money and ESG Consultant As Mr Dylan would have it, the times…

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Helping your clients get a slice of the ETF cake

21 September 2020

ETFs celebrate their 30th birthday in this year with the first successful ETF having been launched in Canada in March 1990. The global ETF market is growing fast, reaching $6.35 trillion at the end of December 2019 – a very significant rise from $4.3 trillion in 2017…

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ESG during Covid-19 – a new era for the world and investing?

18 June 2020

ESG or Sustainability has grown in popularity recently due to Covid19 and market forces as well as the many related industry innovations.

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Guest Spot: Responsible investing with a track record

15 April 2020

King & Shaxson have been managing ethical portfolios since 2002, in March this year they celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their Model Portfolio Service.

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Guest Spot: Five Big ESG Themes for 2020 and the Funds to Capture Them

14 February 2020

In this Guest Spot we hear from Patrick Thomas, investment director and head of ESG investing at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management. As well as outlining the five ESG themes for 2020,…

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Guest Spot: What should you look for in ESG investments?

8 January 2020

Don’t get greenwashed into poor investment decisions – Follow a credible ESG rating and do proper research. As I write, world leaders are gathered in Madrid, entering the second week…

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