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Guest Spot: Assessing Suitability – Times are changing for retirement advice

27 July 2020

The six key themes of the FCA’s ‘Assessing Suitability Review II’ on how retirement income advice is being delivered – times are changing for retirement advice.

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Guest Spot: To switch or not to switch that is the question

18 June 2020

In this Guest Spot Adrian Boulding, Chief Innovation Officer of technology provider Spire Platform Solutions considers the case for “switching” in retirement cases.

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Guest Spot: Responsible investing with a track record

15 April 2020

King & Shaxson have been managing ethical portfolios since 2002, in March this year they celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their Model Portfolio Service.

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Coronavirus shock: market impact, outlook and strategy

18 March 2020

Markets In the midst of surging fears of coronavirus, there have been extreme moves in the markets for several weeks: Volume: Trading volumes in all asset classes spiked when the…

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Guest Spot: The Race to the Client and how it’s realigning the value chain

25 February 2020

In the race to the client, advisers will win. But only if they take control of the value chain and reconfigure it to their clients’ best interests.

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Guest Spot: PROD & Productivity: some food for advisers’ thoughts

18 February 2020

Copia Capital kicked off 2020 with a series of seminars, meeting with advisers around the country as we endeavoured to explain, understand and interrogate the requirements under the Financial Conduct…

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Guest Spot: Five Big ESG Themes for 2020 and the Funds to Capture Them

14 February 2020

In this Guest Spot we hear from Patrick Thomas, investment director and head of ESG investing at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management. As well as outlining the five ESG themes for 2020,…

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Guest Spot: Designing Robust Portfolios

31 January 2020

In this Guest Spot, Henry Cobbe, Head of Copia Capital Management, discusses the key determinants of portfolio outcomes.

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Guest Spot: What should you look for in ESG investments?

8 January 2020

Don’t get greenwashed into poor investment decisions – Follow a credible ESG rating and do proper research. As I write, world leaders are gathered in Madrid, entering the second week…

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Guest Spot: Looking at Risk Differently in Retirement

28 November 2019

What are your plans to ensure your clients don’t run out of money in retirement? It is widely accepted that many clients are faced with different social challenges as retirement…

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Guest Spot: Blending Retirement Strategies

26 November 2019

The challenge Pensions freedom has led to a need for innovation in designing and delivering investments in retirement. There’s no silver bullet: I believe a “blended approach” makes sense –…

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Guest Spot: Secure Lifetime Income

18 October 2019

What are your plans to ensure your clients don’t run out of money in retirement? Decumulation is arguably the emerging theme across the adviser community as well as becoming a…

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Guest Spot: The time is right for sustainable investing

1 October 2019

The time is right for sustainable investing The sustainable investment space has developed dramatically in recent years. At the start of 2018, global sustainable investment reached US$30.7 trillion – an…

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