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How can the right platform selection increase business efficiency at Tax Year End?

8 March 2022

Tax Year End is upon us once more and with it comes the certainty of a busy period. Efficiency is vital at this time of year, both for an advisor…

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Guest Spot from Wesleyan: Mutuality: putting sustainability at the heart of the matter

13 December 2021

Nick Henshaw from Wesleyan discusses how the mutual model puts environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities centre stage. Financial mutuals are owned by and built around their members. To some,…

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Guest Spot from Octopus: New fund and new Dad – what have I learnt over the last three years?

7 December 2021

Over three years, FP Octopus UK Multi Cap Income Fund tops the IA UK Equity Income Sector. What’s the secret to its success? Chris McVey, lead fund manager, explains his…

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Opinion Piece: A View on the Markets by Marc O’Sullivan, With Profits Fund Manager, Wesleyan Assurance Society

5 November 2021

A Volatile Time The last 18 months have been a particularly unpredictable period for investment markets. However, vaccination progress at home and abroad has boosted consumer and corporate optimism, which…

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Wesleyan With Profits: A New Fund in Town

5 November 2021

As announced in recent weeks in previous Novia IQ posts, Wesleyan’s With Profits Fund, which recently moved to sustainable principles (as announced here), is now available on the Novia Platform….

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Guest Spot: Mutuality Matters with Wesleyan’s With Profits Fund

20 October 2021

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of an exciting new fund, available for the first time to IFAs and exclusively on the Novia platform. You now have access to the…

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Guest Spot: Exploding retirement income myths #5

1 September 2021

We live in an era dominated by soundbites and snappy slogans. From the world of advertising “Just do it”, “every little helps”, and “I’m loving it”, are very memorable examples. They’re written by ad agency professionals whose job is to write copy in soundbites that connect emotionally with us in order to influence where we spend our hard earned cash.

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Novia allows Multi-Factor Authentication at Login: Our Reasons Explained

25 August 2021

The scale and sophistication of Cyber Security threats has continued to grow during the pandemic at an unprecedented rate. Law enforcement agencies advise that reported ransomware incidents have tripled over…

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Guest Spot: Exploding retirement income myths #4

30 June 2021

Could the practice of suggesting the creation of retirement income is simpler and more predictable than it really is lead to poor decision making and potential customer detriment? The retirement income conundrum is stochastic in nature. The FCA’s addressing suitability II will surely see an end to flat earth techniques.

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Guest Spot: Encouraging a more principled approach to sustainable investments

15 June 2021

Julie Dreblow, Director of SRI Services on the keynote Good Money Week conference speech ‘Building Trust in Sustainable Investment’ by Richard Monks, FCA Director of Strategy…

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Guest Spot: UK dividends to recover (You just have to know where to look!)

10 June 2021

We have some good news for UK Equity Income investors: UK equity dividends are staging a speedy recovery and will grow from here. However, the disappointing news for some is…

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Guest Spot: The Consolidator View

7 June 2021

Independent Wealth Planners give the consolidator perspective in NoviaIQ’s latest guest spot. Craig Rickman IWP highlights Financial adviser succession planning and tips for selling and buying IFA business practices.

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Guest Spot: Exploding retirement income myths #3

26 May 2021

‘Annuities are really bad value for money right now’ Now, like you I would wager, I’ve never read ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ by Oscar Wilde. I’m sure it’s a cracking read…

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