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Coronavirus shock: market impact, outlook and strategy

18 March 2020

Markets In the midst of surging fears of coronavirus, there have been extreme moves in the markets for several weeks: Volume: Trading volumes in all asset classes spiked when the…

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The forward march of Microservices

24 February 2020

‘If microservices are so good, why weren’t they invented 30 years ago?’ This was the question posed by my CEO, Bill Vasilieff, during a walkthrough of the 2020 IT plans….

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Inheriting ISAs and the rules around ISA inheritance

12 December 2019

Now that Novia offers in-specie Additional Permitted Subscriptions it’s the perfect time to review the changes to the rules around ISA inheritance. Lifetime Allowance The Lifetime Allowance (LTA), currently set…

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Monetary policy, election and Brexit

11 December 2019

Who holds the cards to win this important vote? In the last month, with the election and Brexit looming, the news has been flooded with details of manifestos, spending plans…

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Triage: How to navigate the Advice Boundary

10 December 2019

Advice costs money…and so it should. Good quality advice is key to a client’s retirement planning, but will they see it that way when faced with an upfront cost? With…

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The private equity question: The opportunity for improved succession planning

12 November 2019

There’s been a great deal of discussion in the press over the last few months around Private Equity, or unlisted stocks, with a trigger being the Woodford fund suspension. There…

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Enabling increased flexibility and efficient tax planning

4 November 2019

‘Pension Freedoms’ introduced an expansion of the options available to the member nominated beneficiary(s) or ‘nominees’ of a pension scheme. Its introduction in April 2015 allowed for improved succession planning…

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Inflation and Retirement Income

18 October 2019

Is inflation a problem? It is easy to understand why inflation is a concern for many. Especially for those who lived through periods of high inflation during the 1970s and…

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The Top Three Risks for pensioners income

27 September 2019

Bill Vasilieff on the Top Three Risks to consider when looking at pensioners income. You are on your own It may seem strange but the biggest risk for most pensioners…

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Putting the RDR back on the radar

23 July 2019

Plan now drawn up for the FCA’s evaluation The RDR reforms were a big deal in the retail finance world, and they’ve undoubtedly been very good for both investors and…

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The Woodford Fund closure and liquidity issues

4 July 2019

The very real dangers of illiquidity The investment limelight last month was hogged by one of the industry’s long term ‘star fund managers’…but not for reasons he would have liked. In…

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Brexit Roundup – Keeping pace with Brexit

23 April 2019

Keeping pace with Brexit over the last few weeks has been increasingly challenging as the tapestry is forever changing. Nevertheless, this is where we are: The Second vote On 12…

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Brexit: the impact for Advisers, Clients and Fund Managers

10 March 2019

At the time of writing, the proposed withdrawal deal continues to be a cause of disagreement in the House of Commons, with fresh upheaval coming in the form of an…

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