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Raising the Normal Minimum Pension Age from 55 to 57

8 March 2021

The government’s recent consultation proposes a change to the Normal Minimum Pension Age (NMPA) from April 2028. The publication has raised some questions about the proposed protection regime. The paper proposes…

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ESG: A closer look at the coming changes for Advisers

26 January 2021

I need to kick off by confirming some of the assumptions that support this article.  When I refer to new rules, these rules do not actually exist yet. Unless the…

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How will Brexit affect your business?

3 December 2020

Brexit and your business – transition period end 31 December 2020 So here we have it: the transition period ends on 31 December 2020, but we still don’t know if…

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The Contingent Charging Ban

23 July 2020

The regulator has published its awaited policy statement PS20/6  and a number of changes are to be implemented later this year.  What are the new rules that will ban contingent…

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Defined Benefit transfers

22 July 2020

Keith Furniss explains the future direction of travel in the area of Defined Benefit transfers and what guidance there has been so far.

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Meeting the Challenge of SM&CR and PROD

20 May 2020

Paul Boston looks at the two-tier challenge presented by the combination of PROD rules and the roll out of the SM&CR across the Financial Services industry.

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Contingent Charging – Would a ban be the thin end of the wedge?

17 February 2020

As the ban on contingent charging for Defined Benefit transfers goes through the motions of consultancy with the FCA, it looks extremely likely that the ban will end up being…

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Monetary policy, election and Brexit

11 December 2019

Who holds the cards to win this important vote? In the last month, with the election and Brexit looming, the news has been flooded with details of manifestos, spending plans…

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Triage: How to navigate the Advice Boundary

10 December 2019

Advice costs money…and so it should. Good quality advice is key to a client’s retirement planning, but will they see it that way when faced with an upfront cost? With…

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Putting the RDR back on the radar

23 July 2019

Plan now drawn up for the FCA’s evaluation The RDR reforms were a big deal in the retail finance world, and they’ve undoubtedly been very good for both investors and…

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The Transfer Value Comparator explained

16 November 2018

‘Savers 10 years away from retirement could lose nearly half of the value of their defined benefit pension if they choose to transfer.’ That was the headline when the Transfer Value…

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