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Guest Spot: Funding retirement income – The liquidity illusion

9 November 2020

Creating and managing a regular flow of ‘income’ from a diversified portfolio has been described by Bill Sharpe (he of ‘Sharpe Ratio’ fame) as the “nastiest, hardest problem in finance” Balancing three key moving parts in the retirement equation – longevity, inflation and investment returns – and achieving the optimal journey for the retiree, is something that has occupied some extremely bright minds for a few decades now.

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Guest Spot: Assessing Suitability – Times are changing for retirement advice

27 July 2020

The six key themes of the FCA’s ‘Assessing Suitability Review II’ on how retirement income advice is being delivered – times are changing for retirement advice.

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The Contingent Charging Ban

23 July 2020

The regulator has published its awaited policy statement PS20/6  and a number of changes are to be implemented later this year.  What are the new rules that will ban contingent…

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Defined Benefit transfers

22 July 2020

Keith Furniss explains the future direction of travel in the area of Defined Benefit transfers and what guidance there has been so far.

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Guest Spot: To switch or not to switch that is the question

18 June 2020

In this Guest Spot Adrian Boulding, Chief Innovation Officer of technology provider Spire Platform Solutions considers the case for “switching” in retirement cases.

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Contingent Charging – Would a ban be the thin end of the wedge?

17 February 2020

As the ban on contingent charging for Defined Benefit transfers goes through the motions of consultancy with the FCA, it looks extremely likely that the ban will end up being…

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Retirement Outcomes Review – improving engagement

10 December 2019

Are clients engaging with their pensions early enough? The FCA’s current “wake up” process, intended to get investors thinking about accessing their pensions benefits, is tied to an intended retirement…

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Intergenerational differences and financial services

10 December 2019

The FCA has said that as well as looking at how the market has evolved since RDR and FAMR, it’s important that the sector works well in the future; that…

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Guest Spot: Looking at Risk Differently in Retirement

28 November 2019

What are your plans to ensure your clients don’t run out of money in retirement? It is widely accepted that many clients are faced with different social challenges as retirement…

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Guest Spot: Blending Retirement Strategies

26 November 2019

The challenge Pensions freedom has led to a need for innovation in designing and delivering investments in retirement. There’s no silver bullet: I believe a “blended approach” makes sense –…

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Lifetime Allowance and pension scheme administrators

9 November 2019

The Lifetime Allowance (LTA), currently set at £1,055,000, is the maximum amount of pension benefits that a person can crystallise during their lifetime before the tax incentives of a pension…

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Enabling increased flexibility and efficient tax planning

4 November 2019

‘Pension Freedoms’ introduced an expansion of the options available to the member nominated beneficiary(s) or ‘nominees’ of a pension scheme. Its introduction in April 2015 allowed for improved succession planning…

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Inflation and Retirement Income

18 October 2019

Is inflation a problem? It is easy to understand why inflation is a concern for many. Especially for those who lived through periods of high inflation during the 1970s and…

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