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How can the right platform selection increase business efficiency at Tax Year End?

8 March 2022

Tax Year End is upon us once more and with it comes the certainty of a busy period. Efficiency is vital at this time of year, both for an advisor…

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Inter-generational Planning and the new Novia JISA

19 January 2021

Inter-generational planning is about passing on wealth in the most effective way, so there is clearly potential for Advisers, as experts in the field, to play a key role. In…

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To tax or not to tax

22 September 2020

The last six months have seen an unprecedented but much-needed increase to the levels of government spending in the UK, to rise to the challenges of Covid-19. The image of Rishi Sunak taking to the stand to announce monumental measures to try to support the economy, businesses and workers is almost as memorable as Boris addressing the nation to tell us we were locking down…

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Capital Gains Tax – the advantages of taking the allowance into consideration

24 February 2020

Capital Gains Tax can sometimes feel like a punishment for good performance, but there are definite advantages to taking CGT allowance into consideration.

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Inheriting ISAs and the rules around ISA inheritance

12 December 2019

Now that Novia offers in-specie Additional Permitted Subscriptions it’s the perfect time to review the changes to the rules around ISA inheritance. Lifetime Allowance The Lifetime Allowance (LTA), currently set…

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Monetary policy, election and Brexit

11 December 2019

Who holds the cards to win this important vote? In the last month, with the election and Brexit looming, the news has been flooded with details of manifestos, spending plans…

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The impact of investing the full ISA allowance

10 January 2019

With Christmas now behind us, it’s time to look forward to the next significant date in the calendar – the end of the tax year and in particular, your clients’…

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Annual Allowance changes in the budget

12 November 2018

Annual Allowance changes in the budget, or lack thereof. The relatively quiet Autumn budget announcement did not include the major overhaul of pension allowances that had been predicted by pundits….

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