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Novia allows Multi-Factor Authentication at Login: Our Reasons Explained

25 August 2021

The scale and sophistication of Cyber Security threats has continued to grow during the pandemic at an unprecedented rate. Law enforcement agencies advise that reported ransomware incidents have tripled over…

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AnaCap completes Novia acquisition

14 May 2021

Novia Financial (“Novia”) today announces the completion of its acquisition by AnaCap Financial Partners (“AnaCap”), a leading financial services specialist mid-market private equity investor,  following the initial transaction subject to…

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Predicting a Train with Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe)

27 January 2021

The British Train network is reliable at getting everyone to talk about how unreliable it is. Trains are delayed, they have the wrong number of carriages, that seat you booked…

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How wealth platforms support Adviser businesses

30 September 2020

For Advisers, wealth platforms are strategically important to the way their businesses run; to be successful they have to meet three fundamental needs

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V for Verify: Novia signs with Credas for biometric verification

17 August 2020

The use of unique personal features for identification is not a new idea; this approach has been a key pillar of forensic science since the late 1800s, when French police…

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A New Working Paradigm

16 April 2020

We are living in very challenging times.  That’s all relative of course as those on the frontline leading the fight against COVID-19 are really having it rough and in comparison,…

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Covid-19 will reshape the wealth management industry

6 April 2020

Covid-19 will have lasting and profound effects on the wealth management industry. Remote working and increased use of technology will be the new normal for operation support and investor interaction…

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The forward march of Microservices

24 February 2020

‘If microservices are so good, why weren’t they invented 30 years ago?’ This was the question posed by my CEO, Bill Vasilieff, during a walkthrough of the 2020 IT plans….

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Platform consolidation – is it over?

29 January 2020

Ever since platforms started operating in the adviser space in the UK around 2000, the big institutions have taken the stance that ‘you need deep pockets to play in this…

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Five Reasons why platforms fail

21 October 2019

The recent news that Zurich are about to exit the UK platform market signals the latest big name to throw in the towel. The one thing that all the exits…

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The Adviser’s Zone

21 October 2019

Connect with the new, innovative investment management platform in these uncertain times Novia’s new, Adviser Zone platform has now been released and is on-line and operational. You can gain access to…

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FCA Investment Platforms Market Study

10 April 2019

The FCA recently set out their views on whether consumers in the platform market are able to make informed decisions about their choice of platforms and the investments they choose…

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